Hachiko: The True Story of a Loyal Dog

it's a story about Hachiko, a large Akita dog that was owned and loved by its master, Dr. Ueno. Through the eyes of a small boy we see the dog return to the railroad station every day to wait for Dr. Ueno when he steps off the train from work.
The boy loves the dog but is content to simply pet and hug it at the station. One day, the boy hears terrible news. Dr. Ueno has passed away, and naturally the boy's first question is, "What will happen to Hachiko?".
Some kind relatives attempt to take the dog in, but to their surprise Hachiko continues to wait at the station every day for his lost master. For almost ten years, faithful Hachiko would wait for Dr. Ueno to come home.
No one knows the dog's motivation, or if it really understood what it was waiting for. After its death, however, the people of the town raised the money to create a large bronze statue of the pup in its honor. A replica of that statue stands in the Shibuya Station of Tokyo to this day.

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