Lake toba, north sumatera folk tales

a long time ago, live an orphan farmer, he lived in the north side of Sumatra island in Indonesia. in that area was dry. the farmer lived by planting rice and fishing. one day, he caught a beautiful golden fish while he was fishing. when he held the fish, it turns into a beautiful lady. the lady was cursed caused she broke a rule. she'll turn out into human being, while he touched by someone.

Dazzled by her beauty, that farmer asked her to marry him, and the beautiful lady accepted with one condition, he must not tell to anyone that the beautiful lady was a fish. after a year, the farmer and the beautiful lady had a son, their son had a bad habit. he always eat. he ate everything.

one day, their son ate all his parent's food. the farmer was angry, and accidentally, he said that he was a son of a fish. therefore, he had broke his promise to his wife, not to tell anyone that beautiful lady was a fish.

the beautiful lady and her son suddenly astonished. the ground where they stand, sparge water. the water keep flooding, and come into a big lake. that lake named Lake Toba


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