Diary of a wimpy kid review

It is refreshing to finally see a comic character grow because we must face, puberty is not pretty, but it's funny. Our Wimpy Kid Greg finally realizes he is no longer a cute kid. Now it is up to discover the secrets of puberty (which Rowley hopes not to "catch") in the class the health of boys only. Going to the dentist takes up instead of a plush version of the children, Greg is left with not only the fear of gingivitis instilled in him, but even worse, headgear. My favorite scene was the school "lock-in that went wrong in many ways. I will not spoil the main stupidity, but the only way teachers can think of to get the boys to settle is to heat and air conditioning on so they should stay in their sleeping bags. Meanwhile, the girls are living the good life in the media room heated.

Rowley and Greg have been sidelined for much of the work, but their friendship and extinction, and attempts by parents to find a more Rowley mentoring "pal" to replace Greg, are understandable and funny.

Factors of the extended family in Heffley's book, with Greg, Uncle Gary as well married, maybe future version of Greg. Gary is half warning, half of inspiration - in the spirit of Greg, compared to parents of Greg, Gary seems to have much more fun.

I was disappointed that the boys Heffley could not get it together enough for their mother to follow her schooling renewed ... it was really a disappointment. Kinney has a few attacks on helicopter parents throughout the book. Hopefully in the next following their mother will stay in school.

Children will find this book hilarious, and as an adult reader, I have to applaud the little things that Kinney arrived and as the reaction insensitive to the health teacher for girls who have lovingly cared for their eggs to protected as if they were babies, and many small touches like Greg Hope who inherits a manual from a cool guy magically make him so cool.

Feel exciting what the story is just get the book soon....
The Ugly Truth (Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Book 5)

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