Wombat erre: Diary of a Wombat by Jackie French baby

Monday morning: slept. LATE morning: slept. Awakened. At the top of Mom. Bounce! MOM decided it was time to play...OUTSIDE!

What is a toddler wombat to do? It is afternoon. It is full of energy, but Mom says take outside, please. Fortunately, the wombat little concludes a playmate, a convoluted human toddler who shares his hose, his sandbox, his bottle and pleasantly designed to help the Wombat shortly to be a larger hole.
Friday morning: is a giant hole. (Gateway of the toddler) Saturday morning: someone has stolen our hole! (The door is closed!) MOM said we will dig the best ever!

And they do so, a hole which is right under the House and right House - his friend a comfortable place for tots tired to catch a NAP!

Of the Jackie French diary of a Wombat baby (Clarion, 2010), the last of his books of Wombat, which began with delicious diary of a Wombat French and has continued with its nonfiction companion volume how to scratch a Wombat: where to find it... What to feed... Why he sleeps all day illustrator Bruce Whatley whips again place just the right wombats for this funny adding this to the daily adventures of a diary devoted marsupials of Down Under, and some to make laugh youth.


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