Exit placemats: envy Marvelous Brunch of the feast of the mothers of Nancy by Jane O'Connor

SHHHH! My mom later sleeps because today is a special occasion, that the opportunity is a way of fantasy to say that it is an important day!

And Mrs. Clancy is a lucky mom. Nancy and her father have a great morning in the works - a brunch (it is a fantasy meal which is half-breakfast and lunch half) with waffles with whipped cream and blueberries. But of course, Nancy Fancy production also comes with maps by hand with glitter, flowers picked fresh backyard, a tiara created by Nancy spelling M-O-M, a server at several levels for finger foods and a lunch tray covered with all silver trimmings deluxe :
my mother never has any place mats, it is a chance (which is fancy for lucky) that I still have some side. And I will bind the towel with Ribbon velvet.

Nancy has everything planned to the minute when the unexpected occurs. Mum wakes up and roams his rumpled Yip yawns at the ground floor to see what is suspicious in the kitchen. Papa can escort exit before the surprise deteriorated?

In the already New York Times, Fancy Nancy day best-selling Brunch the wonderful mother,(Harper, 2011 Festival) Jane peerless team of O'Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser an another winner in their most recent book of holiday lift-the-flap. Elements important to the plot are hidden by the flaps well integrated in illustrations and intrigue, with stash of Nancy fancy stuff behind the door next to the table, its ribbons and sequins in his chest to the Treasury, its sleepy MOM just outside the door of the cuisineet even some disgusting critters under the rock in the backyard where his little sister looks like Nancy and Dad choose a bouquet of the garden.

This is another opportunity of fancied-up fine with attaching, Clancy family which pairs and a gift from the spring to delicious last year and the new bestseller Fancy Nancy elegant Easter for fans of the series Nancy Fancy.


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