Precious resource: water Seeker by Kimberly Willis Holt

"When I was a child, my pa hosed to earn money estra when we had a lean year." And when he put the industry in my hands for the first time, I felt a burning inside me because I had the gift, too.

Just be grateful that I did not hand the gift for you. »

Amos thought that it was probably better not to speak to his father that he was too late.

It is 1833 when Jake left his new wife winter trapping Delilah, and when he returns, he finds her dead and her motherless baby supported by his brother Gil and his wife, Rebecca. Without child, Rebecca love Amos from the first moment that it is queued arm and Jake, restless, born with foot wander, willingly give Amos and leads out of the mountains in the fall.

But life on the border is difficult, especially on his wife, and when Rebecca died of fever, Amos is sent to the care of neighbour Henrietta Block, to be raised and by his four boys aged. Amos is an autonomous and although child that saddened deeply by the death of the dearly close Rebecca, develops in care no-nonsense of Henrietta.

But when Jake returns in 1841 with Shoshone, blue Owl woman, it is for Amos that he had come, and Amos begins a new life, which will be led to a long journey on the Oregon Trail. Amos is a chance in his estate of mothers, for the first act of the OWL blue is to make him moccasins to soothe the blisters caused by his boots when they begin their long March to St. Louis. There is Jake makes group that his route to the West, Amos grows from a child to a young man and rents a scout and hunter in a caravan.

Life, death and the depth of human bonds is in the novel radical center of Kimberly Willis Holt of the movement to the West, spanning decades of the story of an extended family as Amos survives the trek and built a life in Oregon. Disappointed with his first love, Amos finds a love more deep with a young woman unlikely and the latter returns to his gift to find water for her newfound community.

Later Holt, the researcher of water (Henry Holt, 2010), combines gritty realism with a touch of magic realism in the form of fierce Delilah but protective spirit, appearing not to Amos (except in his avatar as a bird form), but the estate of nurturing women who anchored his life. As says Kirkus Reviews of this book "based on themes varied such as manifest destiny, personal identity and intercultural relations, the author has created a story satisfying richly made secondary characters of all ages that hosts a dazzling (of including electrifying Jake second wife)"(, Blue Owl) and flows as effortlessly as the Platte River. »

Jennifer s Willis Holt is the author of the award-winning My Louisiana sky and the Newbery when Zachary Beaver Came to Town (Saddleback Focus on reading of the Study Guides), and his popular early Piper Reed chapter series. Tags: Frontier and Pioneer Life - Fiction, historical novel (Grades 6-12), track of Oregon - Fiction



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