A thing with feathers: OK for the moment by Gary d. Schmidt

For my father came home with his bucket lunch in his hand and a bandage on his face and last audit he would never see wood Culross and he looked at my mother and said, "Don't tell you one thing.". Mum has jumped from the table and longer of the plate, she was now warm in the oven.

"This is not all desiccated, is it?" he said.

"I do not,' Mama say.".

"You don't think," he said, and reached for ketchup. It's everywhere stained her meatloaf. A taken a red bite. "We will go," he said. "To Maysville." Upstate. "A red another bite. Ballard Paper Mill has a job and Ernie Eco indicates that it can give me. »

"Ernie eco," said my mother quietly.

"If it begins all over again." "Bars, gone home all night, come when you're —"

"Which one of your sons will be this time?" said my mother.

My father looked at me.

In the words of Doug Swietock, his father is a jerk, his elder brother, somewhere in the Viet Nam, is a bothersome issue, his older brother Chris, who steals his only joy, his Joe Pepitone autographed CAP, is a fool, andas he admits ruefully to itself, it is well on its way to become one himself. Stuck in a tiny bedroom with her abusive brother in a house he called "the Dump," "Stupid Maysville" has no promise of Doug and his defensive attitude gets him in hot water to the school immediately. "."

But Maysville has its own promise, in the form of a Librarian of understanding which shows him claim head of the city of fame, a first edition of Audubon Birds of America. Doug is arrested by the plate to the poster, the Arctic tern, and he felt a sudden connection of the bird and unexpected urge to make itself, which encourages Mr. Powell. A chance meeting with a young girl, Lil Spicer, brings a deep friendship and a job as a deliveryman Saturday for the deli of Spicer.

Doug experiences in development of relations with clients, he sees every Saturday, his confidence grows, helping them to accept the encouragement of teachers to Maysville Junior High, where he overcomes his problem of reading and discovers his abilities in mathematics and science. Despite the cruelty opened his father, who has his chest tattooed with "Mama Baby" for the safeguarding of abused mother, Doug begins to see that there are better things follow him that follow the path of his father.

There is a rush of personalities and experiences - the study of the class of Jane Eyre, Ms. Windemere, crusty old playwright which turns the novel into a play and shares his weekly carton of cream with himMr. Ballard in Maysville, main employer of the city and bienfaisant dictator, whose summer picnic baseball trivia quiz Doug victories and that made him a sort of protege, Mr. Powell, which introduces the meaning as well as the composition of arteven the Moon Apollo coming landing which him, with birds from Audubon, became the central symbol of the novel.

Newbery author Gary Schmidt (for his book companion Wednesday Wars) almost overload this novel with events and characters that move all Doug Swietock of proto-perdant to the winner, some of them bordering the unlikely, but that Schmidt binds together compelling they seem incredibly inevitable. Character and setting are so closely related that the strands overlapping conspiracy build to a conclusion that leaves Doug Swietock based on a difficult reality but a still room for hope, okay for now.

A moving story that is difficult to put down and more difficult to forget. Gary Schmidt Okay for now (Clarion, 2011) is April 5.


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